Pre-Golf Tournament Preparations September 17, 2014
Pre-Golf Tournament Preparations

Pre-Golf Tournament Preparations

September 17, 2014

Golf Tournament Committee members assembled at Baywood Golf Course pavilion to stuff goodie bags, assemble sponsorship signs, cataloge prizes, etc.. Tammy Beshlin and Juan Chavez briefed helpers on tasks to be performed, responsibilities, and how events would unfold on tournament day.

Present were: Carol Ivey, John & Ann Hazlett, Argie & Art Rodriguez, George Blanc, Sandi Byrnes, Shawna Blackwell, Claudie Wallen, Maria Chavez, Arlie Smith, Don Gersh, Tammy and Juan.

Members who could not help that day, but did work on tournament day were: Dave Beshlin, Miles Porter, Ralph Hinrichs, Andrea & Matthew Candlish, Tom & Caitlin Wallen, Steve & Dave Byrnes.

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